Stealth Audio Carbon Nanofibers Cables

By David Ponce

Last time I came across Stealth Audio, it was for their ridiculously expensive Indra line of audio cables that went for a mind-numbing $5750 a meter. Well, now there are news of a new set of cables that might actually end up being more expensive. They have

analog interconnects made entirely of carbon nano-fibers (including the connector shells and center pins); there is absolutely no metal of any kind in the signal carrying part of these cables: the conductive fibers directly transform into the center pins of the proprietary STEALTH RCA or XLR connectors at the ends of these cables, making the signal path free of any kind of joints, solder or crimp.

Seems interesting enough. No metal in the cable, less chance of interference, equal better sound.

There’s no word on price, but if the Indra is any indication, you not only better love your music, you better be in love with it if you’re considering these. Check it out here. Story VIA Sonicflare.