SteadyLaser: A Laser Pointer That Doesn’t Shake, Even When You Do

SteadyLaser: A Laser Pointer That Doesn’t Shake, Even When You Do


How badly are you bothered by your shaking hands during a presentation in front of a group of people? If the thought of a crowd being able to see how much you’re trembling fills you with even more embarrassment, only then might you want to consider the $150 SteadyLaser. It incorporates technology similar to the one found in optically stabilized digital cameras:

The mechanism includes a precision balanced two axis gimbal supported by miniature jewel bearings that is stabilized by a tuned magnetic spring and damper system. This allows the laser to move independently from the body of the pointer – so it remains steady even as the housing jitters.

The further away you are from your presentation screen, the more your shaking will be amplified. If money is no concern, the SteadyLaser then seems to be a good purchase. But most people will balk at the thought of paying $150 for something that can be had for $5, minus the stabilizing ability. And this is reflected in the fact that the company’s Kickstarter campaign is sitting at $1,445 from the astronomical $150,000 they are asking. Success seems unlikely, but then again, the world is full of overpriced and dubiously useful products all the same.

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