Stationary Bike Blender Kit

Stationary Bike Blender Kit (Image courtesy Peddler's Wagon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just because you’re trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean you should go without such luxuries as blended drinks. That’s why Peddler’s Wagon is selling this Stationary Bike Blender Kit which basically lets you mount a pedal-powered blender to the back of your bike.

Now the key words here are ‘stationary’ and ‘bike’ since the blender is only designed to be used while your bicycle is mounted to a stationary trainer. Technically there’s nothing stopping you from taking a spin around the block while mixing up a smoothie, but there doesn’t appear to be any tie-downs for the included Oster pitcher, so there’s a good chance it wouldn’t stay attached to your bike for that long. You can order the kit from the Peddler’s Wagon site for $249, but at that price you better be enjoying a fancy drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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