StarKick, Mecha-Foozball Uber-Table

StarKick3-smallI’m a foozball nut. I spent most of my early days attached to a foozball table. Sadly, I was also an unpopular geek in school. So most of that Foozball time was spent without an adversary. There are no words to explain just how much that sucked. And now… now that I’ve blossomed into a popular, handsome ladies-man (cough cough), and presumably have no more need to spend most of my waking hours, alone, in front of a Foozball table, they invent this. A robotic table. One that would most definately not have refused to become my friend in high school. You’re only ten years late guys!

StarKick works by scanning the table every 20 miliseconds and sending the info to a computer, which then decides on the best course of action to kick your ass.

No word on price.

Check it out VIA WMMNA.