StarChase Introduces A New GPS Tracking Device For Police Cruisers

By Luke Anderson

I’ve always wondered what’s going through people’s minds when they run from the cops. I mean, if you’re in a major city with a large police force and helicopters flying around, there’s not a good chance of getting away safely. Well thanks to some new technology, these people might actually be able outrun the cops. Of course, what they don’t know is that they’re being tracked.

Much like Han Solo and the gang escaping from the Death Star, they will be allowed to get away to some remote location where the police can then quietly gather a large force and surround the perps. The little gadget responsible is a small GPS receiver, wireless transmitter and battery all wrapped up into a nice bullet-shaped package. It would be fired from a device mounted on the bumper of a police cruiser.

This is something I hope they implement sometime in the near future. This would eliminate the need for high-speed chases, and thus prevent many needless injuries caused by wreckless driving.

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3 thoughts on “StarChase Introduces A New GPS Tracking Device For Police Cruisers”

  1. This deceive is a good idea, but it should have a way to signal if the fugitive happens to stop to remove it or if it falls off.

    It could happen that the guy stops to remove it and then stick on the bumper of an innocent car at a traffic light. .. or tie in onto the back of a rabbit.

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