Star Wars Themed Fishing Tackle – WWLS (What Won’t Lucas Sell)

Star Wars Fishing Tackle (Images courtesy TheForce.Net)
By Andrew Liszewski

As much as I hate to see extra-crappy Star Wars merchandise, I have to admit I would have loved to own a lightsaber-style fishing rod when I was a kid. Ok, that’s not entirely true. If I had the opportunity to go fishing more than once a year, I would probably buy one today too. And in addition to the lightsaber fishing rod you’ll soon be able to buy a slightly less-clever tackle box adorned with various Star Wars graphics, and a Darth Vader Fun Net which doesn’t actually seem that much funner than a regular net. This is also apparently just the first wave of Star Wars themed fishing accessories, and in the future there will be more products that could even feature a Clone Wars theme, which makes sense given the upcoming animated film.

[ TheForce.Net – Star Wars Fishing Supplies ]

13 thoughts on “Star Wars Themed Fishing Tackle – WWLS (What Won’t Lucas Sell)”

  1. CADDLE TASER! It was the first thing that came to mind, just look ate the fishing rod and imagine…….I would Buy one….ROFl

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  3. This is great. Great for kids of all ages. Sometimes kids need something a bit extra to get them interested in something. That is particularly true with fishing. Whatever gets kids outside, I am all for. That is a great fishing reel and rod setup. Thanks.

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