Stanley Low-Tech Calculator/Ruler Watch

Stanley Ruler WatchBy Evan Ackerman

If you don’t pay close attention and don’t know what you’re looking at, the Stanley Calculator Ruler Watch sorta looks impressive. In fact, it looks like it’s got a giant antenna sicking out of it. Hey, is that a watch phone? Is it a GPS? Can you call in airstrikes on it? Control satellites? Alter the weather? Well, um, no. But you can measure stuff. Stuff that’s less than six inches long. If it’s more than six inches long, you’ll have to use the built-in calculator (which features, as the catalog takes pains to point out, a decimal point) to add up things in sub-six-inch increments. This watch costs $62, and is actually MORE expensive than a Stanley tape measure watch from like a year ago, which has a backlit display and is way less ugly. I guess it’s because it doesn’t have that sweet calculator. Oh well.

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