Standing Cord Lamp

Cord Lamp (Image courtesy SFMOMA)By Andrew Liszewski

The convenience of wireless power is still many years away, and while mankind has made some great progress when it comes to reducing our reliance on cords and cables, there are still plenty of devices that need a constant source of AC power.

So instead of trying to hide the fact that it needs to tethered to an electrical outlet, this Cord Lamp embraces the idea and uses the cord itself as a stand for the bulb. Created by the Swedish design group ‘Form Us With Love,’ the lamp’s cord is completely flexible until you reach the base where it becomes rigid enough to stand on its own. Kind of like a cobra coming out of a snake charmer’s basket. I also think the uncovered 60W bulb (which is included) really helps to sell the effect.

It’s available from the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art for $150.

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