Stamp Yo Face, Watch Yourself: Custom Rubber Stamps of Your Face

Stamp Yo Face

You don’t have to be crafty or artsy to appreciate the awesomeness of Stamp Yo Face. The online business offers something that no other company has offered before: custom rubber stamps that bear your image and likeness.

You can use it to “sign” letters, personalize stationary, decorate labels, and basically just stamp stuff to revel in your good looks (and be appropriately embarrassed over your vanity.)

Stamp Yo Face1

Stamp Yo Face2

Stamp Yo Face3


For $65, Stamp Yo Face will create a custom portrait stamp that features your mug, as drawn and created from your desired photo. Aside from the stamp, you’ll also be getting the original hand-drawn portrait that they used to create your stamp, the digital file of your portrait, and a black ink pad.

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