Stackable Water Bottle Concept Seems Too Obvious

Stackable Water Bottle Concept (Image courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Is there some obvious downside to this stackable water bottle concept that I’m missing? Because I’m wondering why these bottles weren’t designed like this in the first place? Created by Yujin Kim, the 5-gallon bottles have an indent on the underside allowing them to be easily stacked on top of each other, freeing up space in your office. And when placed inverted into a water cooler, the indent can also be used as a flower vase, so you know, it’s got that going for it too.

[ Yanko Design – Stackable Bottle ]

8 thoughts on “Stackable Water Bottle Concept Seems Too Obvious”

  1. Stackable liquor bottles; now there's a great concept! But then, who stores their liquor at ground level? This is a great concept. I really do wonder why no one has done this before (actually looks pretty stable, but yes, I wouldn't stack more than two!).

  2. that's all well and good except for the stress-concentrations that form around the new geometric features. granted, it's a closed shape, but good times will be had by all if you ever drop a full bottle more than a few inches onto its edge. this is why art school students shouldn't put their noses where they don't belong (and stop using the word “design” and making a big deal about it).

  3. I have spent years designing stackable bottles and have found significant problems with round bottles as they are unstable when stacked. Our design solves this problem; please see our website
    You can email us your questions if you are interested. -Dean

  4. i do not know of a blow molding system or injection blow molding system that would be capable of
    producing a bottle with this much of a indent. From the top of a 5-gallong bottle to the shoulder of the bottle is about 5″. To design a piece of equipment and/or preform capable of making this type of bottle would be a considerable undertaking in my opinion.

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