Squirt Baby Food Dispenser

Squirt Baby Food Dispenser

Boon Inc. Squirt (Images courtesy Boon Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you were to take the ease-of-use of a baby bottle, and apply it to food instead of milk, you’d end up with the Squirt spoon from Boon Inc. The orange bulb portion holds about 3 ounces of baby food and when squeezed it will dispense as much or as little food onto the spoon as you need.

The spoon portion can easily be removed for filling the bulb or cleaning the Squirt, but it can also be swapped with a cover allowing you to store the bulb in the fridge between feedings. The best part is that if the Squirt is knocked off the table, or flung across a room you won’t have any spilled food to clean up. (Or at least not as much.)

The Squirt is currently available from Boon Inc. for just $7.99.

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