Sqish Satellite Dish Sports Urban Camo

Sqish Dish

By Evan Ackerman

Nothing screams suburbia like an off-white satellite dish kludged to the side of your house, letting everyone know that you really don’t have anything better to do on weekends than watch American Idol reruns. If you’d prefer to keep your reality TV addiction more private, you could get yourself a Sqish.

So what’s a Sqish? According to the company, when a dish is not a dish, it’s a Sqish!™ Yay! But seriously folks, the Sqish is flat (7 cm deep) satellite dish that mounts just like a normal dish. Before you have the Sqish installed, just take a picture of the mounting location and send it in. You’ll get back a big sticker to paste on the front of your Sqish that will Sqishoflage (their word, not mine) it, rendering it nearly invisible from the front. See it from the side, after the jump.

Sqish Dish

I was hoping for a little more actual squish in the Sqish. Oh well. The dish itself costs about $300, and the custom sticker will be an extra $50.

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  1. It is looking quite a brilliant idea to receiving signals through this squish dish. I never heard about but yes I can believe that this can work properly. Thanks for the unique concept revealed among us.

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