Spy Sunglasses With Digital Camera – Not Exactly Subtle

Spy Sunglasses with Digital Camera (Image courtesy Spycatcher)By Andrew Liszewski

I wasn’t accepted to spy school so my knowledge of what it takes to be a spy is limited to what I’ve seen in the Bond films and the Get Smart TV series. From what I recall stealth and the ability to blend in is an important skill so I have my doubts that any spy would rely on this particular pair of sunglasses with a digital camera simply clipped onto the side.

While the camera can be triggered with an included remote it doesn’t appear to have any way to preview the photos. So when you’re attaching it to the glasses you just have to hope it’s properly aimed to grab the shots you want. And if the glasses don’t give you away and you survive your mission the photos can be downloaded to a computer presumably through a USB connection. Unfortunately I have no idea what the camera’s capacity or resolution is but I think we can safely assume it won’t be that impressive.

If you’re interested the camera equipped sunglasses are available from Spycatcher for about $88.

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  1. It’s just a matter of time before we have clear or nearly clear lenses that can sample incoming light as it passes through to your eye. Then you can record everything. It’ll even have tiny generators built into the hinges using nano-wires to power the thing so long as it’s attached to a pulsing moving object (Your head). It’ll transmit to your pocket computer that’ll record and/or send wirelessly to the net for archiving.

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