Sputnik Wristwarmers

That’s a first here: a foray into fashion. Well, that’s not entirely true. We’ve had at least one before. Still.

These cute little creations by Elise Co and Rachel Mahler wouldn’t even be mentioned here if they were just simple wristwarmers. No, see, what they are, is a bunch of great looking geeky wristwarmers, and that makes all the difference.

Nothing that warms your wrists while proudly covered in Space Invaderslike retro game icons is bad in my book. Not that you’d catch me dead wearing one of these things, but guys, well… some of you may have girlfriends who’d enjoy getting these as gifts. Right?

There’s no word on price, though they’re available at select stores in Paris, Zurich, LA and a couple other places. You can also send them an email to place an order.

Their website is here. Story VIA Gadgets.zive.