Sputnik-esque Satellite Lamp

Sputnik-esque Satellite Lamp

Satellite Lamp (Image courtesy Discovery Channel Store)By Andrew Liszewski

If there’s a space exploration buff on your gift list, this Satellite LED Lamp will serve as a unique reminder of those early days, and designs. The lamp bears a passing resemblance to the Russian Sputnik satellite as well as the United State’s own Project Vanguard satellites.

Of course I’m pretty sure Sputnik didn’t have a single LED on board, given the fact that it just celebrated its 50 year anniversary. However this satellite lamp has 24 of them in red, green and blue that flash on and off in one of 8 “dazzling display options.” It apparently also includes a realistic red “engage” button to cycle through the different patterns.

It’s currently available from the Discovery Channel Store for $39.95.

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