Springtime In Laptop Experts Land

By Luke Anderson

Spring is finally here, and that means more warm weather and beautiful days outside. It also means people are spending more time out and about with their laptops. So when you’re stumped with an issue on your notebook, just head over to the Laptop Experts site. The other experts and I are still hard at work making sure that no question goes unanswered. Here’s a selection of questions from this past week.

Wireless networking is essential for a laptop, so it’s only natural to find someone with a question about setting up their wireless router. Someone else was concerned that their hard drive wasn’t showing as much space as was promised. A RAM upgrade went bad and now the laptop won’t boot, what to do now? Someone else was having issues getting games to play, while another person needed a recommendation on a Mobile Internet Device (MID).

Though we experts are generally on top of things, we don’t mind if you jump in and answer questions too. Ask questions, answer them, it’s all a part of the community. So head on over to the Laptop Experts site and leave us a question or two.

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