Spread Heads Makes Dinner Fun, Or Just Gross

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been squeezing ketchup onto your hamburger or hot dog and thought to yourself “this is boring”? I think that to myself just about every time I get out the ketchup bottle. Now if only there were some sort of silly attachment that I could place on the end of the bottle. That would surely turn an otherwise mundane experience into something wacky and fun.

Yes, I’m being a bit over-dramatic, because honestly it takes maybe a few seconds to squirt some ketchup on a bun. No, it’s not exciting, but does it really need to be? Well if that’s exactly the thing that needs spiced up in your life, then you can get a plastic head to put on the end of your ketchup bottle. Now instead of the stuff coming out the end of a white cap, it’ll come out of some strange guy’s nose. These things will only cost around $4.50, but I think I like my condiment containers just the way they are.

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4 thoughts on “Spread Heads Makes Dinner Fun, Or Just Gross”

  1. Thanks for posting the Spread Heads cap thing.

    Now I finally know how I will cover all my nieces and nephews X-mass gifts this year.
    Cool and low costs enough so I can afford to give them all one and at the some time drive my sister and her husband mad.

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