Sprayonmud For SUV Posers

Sprayonmud (Image courtesy Sprayonmud.com)By Andrew Liszewski

Are you tired of all the disapproving looks just because you’re driving a monstrous SUV to pick up milk and bread? Well a bottle of ‘Sprayonmud’ should convince the neighbors and anyone else who’s not so happy with your eco-unfriendly vehicle that your ride is justified since you actually spend the weekends driving it off-road.

A few squirts of ‘Sprayonmud’ here and there should give your SUV or 4×4 that ‘just got back from the country’ look but you’ll want to make sure you don’t obscure the license plate in the process. (Like they warn about on the website but clearly do in their own product shot.) And once everyone is convinced you’re really the outdoorsy type and deserve to drive an off-road vehicle the ‘Sprayonmud’ can be cleaned off with a hose or a quick trip through the nearest car wash.

A single bottle of Sprayonmud is about $16 but you’ll have to factor in shipping costs because it’s coming from the UK.

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3 thoughts on “Sprayonmud For SUV Posers”

  1. It doesn’t even look all that much like mud. It’ll sell though and that’s the sad part I guess. This goes along side the plastic nuts people hang from the bumper.

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