Sportline Heart Rate Monitoring Watches Don’t Look Like Heart Rate Monitoring Watches

Sportline Watches (Images courtesy Sportline)
By Andrew Liszewski

Most watches that are capable of monitoring your heart rate look like they’re suited for athletes tackling the most grueling of marathons. They’re big, bulky and feature complicated LCD displays providing all kinds of information. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re trying to monitor your fitness level it’s also important to keep an eye on your resting heart rate when you’re not so physically active. And during those times you’d probably prefer to wear a watch that’s a bit more subtle, like these models from Sportline.

They feature a traditional analog watch face with a secret LED heart-rate display that’s only visible when you want it to be. The heart-rate monitor is also ECG accurate without the need for wearing an uncomfortable chest strap all day long. The watches come in both men’s and women’s designs and depending on the specific model also feature calendar and alarm functions that take advantage of the hidden LED display. They’re available from Sportline directly and range in price from $59.99 up to $159.99.

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