Spore Hero and Hero Arena Coming to Nintendo Platform


By Shane McGlaun

If you have never played Spore on the PC or Wii you are missing one of the coolest video games of all time. The original Spore lets players build their own creature and evolve it by adding new parts from a single cell organism to a creature, then to a space faring race.

EA has announced that two new Spore titles are coming to the Nintendo platforms this fall. The Wii will get Spore Hero and the DS will get Spore Hero Arena. Spore Hero lets players create their own hero with over 250 parts and unique abilities. Players complete puzzles and missions to save their planet as they upgrade their character.

Spore Hero Arena is an arena combat game for the Nintendo DS platform that allows players to create a gladiator hero and take them on a tour of the galaxy fighting other heroes. Special missions and wins will unlock new parts to upgrade the hero. Multiple players gaming over Wi-Fi is also supported.

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