Sponsorific Sponsors Are Full Of Love

You know you’re living the life when you can walk to work in your PJs, unshaven and slightly smelly, and still get paid. That’s where the sponsors come in; without them we’d actually have to look presentable for most of the day, and for this freedom we’d like to thank them.

The company allows you to monetize your blog by writing reviews for cash. Ever since they tweaked their business model to force clear disclosure with every post, we’ve started liking them.

Wicked Lasers
Long time readers of the site know just how great the lasers this company makes are (is this even grammatically correct?). If you’ve got the cash to spare, you’ll be amazed at how popular you can be with one of these babies in your hand.

Dell needs no introduction, let alone a description. One of the world’s largest PC makers happens to believe we’re worthy of some of their advertising dollars, and we’re flattered.

If your hosting needs have skyrocketed into the industrial league, you’re going to want to give Rackspace a thought. These guys have massive infrastructure, and offer “fanatical support”. We’ve heard nothing but good things, and they want our readers to know about them as well.