Spoiler Shield Filters Spoilers from Your Facebook and Twitter Feeds

Spoiler Shield

Got friends who are blabbermouths? Then you need Spoiler Shield. It’s a filter that identifies and blocks spoilers on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, so no one can spoil the ending of your favorite TV show or reveal who won in the finals of whatever sport you’re into before you get a chance to see it for yourself.

The app is essentially a viewer for your social media accounts. You’ll have to link your profile to the app and grant access to it before it can do its thing. You will then be asked to select items that you’d like to “shield” yourself from, which is provided in a pre-set list. For example, under the NFL and MLB categories, you can choose teams that you don’t want to hear about from the list. There’s also a TV show category, which includes the likes of True Blood, Game of Thrones, and American Idol.

Spoiler Shield is currently available for iOS and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. An Android version is currently in development.