Spin Chill Gets Your Brews Frosty In No Time


Did you know that spinning a can of beer in ice drastically cuts the time it takes to lower its temperature? No? Neither did we, but apparently that’s true and it has something to do with convection currents you create within the liquid. We’re not clear on the physics at play to be honest, but Spin Chill hopes to capitalize on the principle by offering you two ways of getting a can of beer frosty in as little as a minute. The first is the Chill Bit, which is a plastic attachment that accepts a standard can of beer on one end, and plugs into a drill on the other. Plunge the whole thing in icy water and spin till cold. But if you don’t carry a drill around with you, the Beerouette has you covered. It’s a small, self-contained, motorized, waterproof beer spinner device that’s meant to be immersed in an ice-filled cooler along with the beer, and can be carried in your pocket.

You can get in on the action for as little as $12, which will give you either a can or bottle Chill Bit, and for $35, you get the Beerouette. The Kickstarter is fully funded, and deliveries are expected for November, in time for the Holidays.

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