Spiderman Webcam for the Comic Book Geek


By Shane McGlaun

There are all sorts of geeks in the world from the computer geek to the plain ol’ geek. Perhaps the worst type of geek, a geek even the computer geek laughs at, are comic book geeks. You know the type, 35 years old and they own every Spiderman toy ever made and are proud of it. I know one dude that qualifies for the comic book geek of legend award, he combs his hair like Wolverine. I won’t name names, you know who you are.

Dream Cheeky has a new product that will let the computer/comic book geek meld their two sources of geekiness — the Spiderman USB Spider Webcam. The webcam looks like the old film camera Peter Parker used to take snaps of Spiderman complete with film containing action shots of the web-slinger in action sticking out the side of the camera.

The webcam has a rotating lens for sharp focus and features a 4-foot USB cable, which is sure to be too short for anyone with a computer sitting beside their desk. The camera works with Skype, AIM, MSN, iChat, and other video conferencing solutions. No drivers are required for Mac or Windows computers.

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