Spider-Man 3 Pumpkin Bomb Replica

Spider-Man 3 Pumpkin Bomb Replica

Spider-Man 3 Pumpkin Bomb Replica (Image courtesy Entertainment Earth)By Andrew Liszewski

After seeing the movie, I’m not really sure why anyone would want to even remember Spider-Man 3, let alone dress up as one of the characters. But if you’ve already settled with going out as the Green Goblin on the 31st (since the Sandman costume proved too messy) these pumpkin bomb replicas should finish your outfit off nicely.

While these particular pumpkin bombs do not explode, or fly, or have sawblades like the ones seen in the movie, they are the same size and scale as the film props (5 inches in diameter) and have the same light-up design.

Unfortunately you might want to put that Green Goblin costume in the closet until next year, since the pumpkin bomb replicas won’t be available until at least March 2008. And even then they’ll be limited to just 1,000 pieces and will set you back $124.99 each.

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3 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3 Pumpkin Bomb Replica”

  1. The first guy trying to bring this thing through an airport will make international news. If he’s lucky enough not to get shot right away, he’ll get charged with possessing a hoax device. And once someone’s on “the list” you can’t even get into Canada anymore.

    Aren’t our “terrorism fighters” going crazy enough already? Like Boston needs yet ANOTHER bomb scare…

    Sigh. Geeks must enjoy their blinky-lights in secrecy. That’s what the world has come to.

  2. To Anonymous Posted 9:43 am on October 29th, 2007:
    Dude, they aren’t going to shoot you or put you on your made up gay ass “THE LIST” because it is not a lethal device, and they’ll probably know that it’s just a toy. Besides, it’s not like they’re going to get all fuzzy and examine the thing. And why in the hell would you be taking it on an airplane? You can order it. DUHHHHHHHHH..!!!

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