Spider Holster Keeps Your Camera Ready At Your Hip

By Chris Scott Barr

The other day I showed you a pretty cool way to carry a couple of cameras around. Considering how often I write about camera holders, it’s strange to find another one so soon. I’m sure that you’ve all seen those cell phone clips for your belt, the ones that have a post that attaches to the back of your phone. I had one for an older flip phone that worked great. Well take that same concept, apply it to a DSLR and you’ve got the Spider Holster.

It certainly looks like an interesting idea, though not without a few small issues. My biggest concern would be keeping my pants up with a heavy camera hanging from my belt Then of course there’s the problem of actually having a big heavy DSLR bumping into your hip as you walk along. Not only are you going to have a nice bruise by the end of the day, but your camera will no doubt take a beating as well. The Spider Holster should be making its debut this summer for an undisclosed price.

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