Spherical Ice Tray

Spherical Ice Tray (Image courtesy MoMAstore)By Andrew Liszewski

For me a return trip to New York would be completely worthwhile even if it was just to visit the MoMA gift store. Even though a lot of the stuff they sell is utterly pointless it doesn’t make them any less cool.

Case in point take something as mundane as an ice cube tray. You can get them at any housewares or grocer but the ones sold at the MoMAstore actually produce spherical ice cubes. (I guess calling them ‘cubes’ then is incorrect.) Made in Japan these trays only produce two ice spheres each but since they’re about 2 inches in diameter you’re probably only going to need one per glass. Of course while the adult in me (though many doubt his existence) sees a great addition to a party, the kid in me instead sees a great start to a particularly painful snowball…

The Spherical Ice Tray is available for $7.00 unless you’re a MoMA member which saves you 70 cents off the price.

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