Spend A Night At The Duncan House Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Duncan House (Image courtesy Polymath Park)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve already shown Frank Lloyd Wright fans how they can easily explore his Falling Water house with a copy of Half-Life 2 but now a Pittsburgh area builder is giving people a chance to actually spend a night in another one of his designs called the Duncan House. The home was originally built in Chicago in 1957 (and bares the name of its original owners) but three years ago it was donated to Thomas Papinchak who dismantled and moved the entire house to his 125 acre resort in Acme, Pennsylvania.

The resort known as Polymath park is already home to 2 other houses from the 1960s that were designed by Peter Berndston, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright so it’s nice to see someone working hard to preserve the man’s legacy as well as other works he influenced. And I can’t fault him for also making a few dollars on the side.

Besides tours Polymath Park now offers a rare opportunity to spend the night in the Duncan House and up to 3 people can crash in the 3 bedroom home for $385 a night. You’ll want to keep in mind there’s a two night minimum and while you’re welcome to bring more than 3 people along they’ll each add $50 to the bill.

[ Polymath Park Resort ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]