Speedtest.net Brings New Shine To Connection Speed Tests


By David Ponce

There are a lot of websites out there dedicated to measuring just how fast your Internet tubes can pump data. We recently came about Speedtest.net, which we feel does a very nice job of it. While you should really just try it to understand, here’s a little description if you’re not so inclined.

The service seems to use Flash, and upon visiting the site, your location appears on a world map, along with the location of several test centers. Simply click on any of them, and the test begins. You’ll get both download and upload speeds, along with mean ping time to the test center. While not exactly revolutionary, the way the data is presented is appealing. And there’s a lot to be said for a well executed GUI.

Check it out.

[Seedtest.net] VIA [FayerWayer]

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