Speed Up Your Computer With A PCIe Hard Drive


By Luke Anderson

In the computer industry people are always trying to find ways to speed up their PC. Usually when they think of increasing the performance of their computer, they immediately think about switching out their CPU or adding more memory. One bottleneck that is often overlooked is the hard drive.

One of the reasons that the hard drive is often overlooked is because there aren’t a lot of good options for improvement on the market. One that will give you a considerable boost is the ioDrive PCIe card. That’s right, it’s not a SATA or an ATA (eek!) drive, but rather it takes full advantage of your PCIe bus speeds to transmit data. It will feature sustained read/write speeds of 700MB/s and 600MB/s respectively and 3.2 Gbps bandwidth.

Of course such an upgrade will cost more than most people’s computers. A 640GB model will set you back around $2,400 when it comes out in Q1 of 2008.

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  1. $2,400 is the price of the 80 Gig model. Their website says that the drives will be around $30 a gig. So, that means around $19,200 for the 640 Gig model.

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