Spectrec MiniSD & MicroSD Video-Out Adapter

Spectrec MiniSD & MicroSD Video-Out Adapter (Image courtesy Spectrec)By Andrew Liszewski

Who would have thought that one day the laptop computer would be considered ‘too bulky’ to carry around? Well with the advent of smartphones and PDAs that can pretty much match most laptops in terms of functionality all you really need is a deep pocket when travelling. Of course a big downside to these handheld devices is that the screens are really only meant for personal use so sharing an image or other data is not exactly easy.

To overcome this Spectrec has released a video-out adapter for handheld devices that interfaces via a MiniSD or MicroSD slot. This allows your PDA or phone to connect directly to a TV, monitor or projector through a VGA or s-video (NTSC or PAL) hookup. The output has a maximum resolution of 1024×768 at ‘full color’ and can even be previewed on the handheld’s screen which is handy when running something like a PowerPoint presentation. It even includes a 10 button IR remote which I assume can be used to control slideshows and other functions.

Of course the PDA or smartphone has to have an SD slot that supports SDIO but other than that this device looks pretty universal.

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