Special Ring Reminds You Of Your Wedding Anniversary… By Almost Burning You


Spending the night in the doghouse because you forgot your wedding anniversary is arguably worse than the method this ring uses to remind you of the date, but we’re still a little perplexed at the company’s decision. See, the Remember Ring is a special wedding band with included circuitry that is set to activate 24 hours before your special day, and once it does… it gets hot! No joke. The ring will heat up to 120ยบ F for approximately 10 seconds, and do so again every hour, on the hour, all day long. That temperature isn’t hot enough to actually burn, but it is uncomfortable enough for you not to ignore it. The date is programmed into the ring when you order it, and the battery required for your burning session is acquired through a “micro thermopile” which uses your body’s heat to recharge.

Perhaps the necessity for miniaturization prevented using other signalling methods, but how hard would it have been to include some miniature vibrating mechanism? Anyway, if you think you’re forgetful enough to want something like this, it’s going to cost you $760. It’s 14k white or yellow gold, sizes 10-13.

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