SpeaQualiser TQ Raver And TQ Chiller

SpeaQualiser TQ Raver And TQ Chiller

SpeaQualiser TQ Chiller & TQ Raver (Images courtesy FlashWear)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the T-Qualizer shirt? Not only do these frames use the same technology and gimmick, but they’re actually made by the same company. So if your pad has come to be known as the place where the party stops instead of starts, just stick a few of these all over the place and you’ll have a line around the block every Friday night. (That’s when the kids do the club thing right?)

The SpeaQualiser comes in 2 flavors. The TQ Raver, which has a red, orange and green theme that looks similar to an actual graphic EQ. And the TQ Chiller, which featues a pink, teal and blue theme. Just like the shirt they use a built-in microphone to react to the frequency and beat of your music with electroluminescent, retro-style jumping light bars.

They’re both available from FlashWear.com for about $40.

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