SpaceMouse Plus Is For CAD Junkies With Deep Pockets

spacemouse plusBy David Ponce

With a name like SpaceMouse Plus, you’d think 3D Connexion (the folks behind this product) is still partying like it’s 1999. Doesn’t matter though, because their product could actually be sort of useful to the right people. Even though it’s called SpaceMouse, it’s not really a mouse at all. It’s more of an assistant to your regular mouse. It’s designed to let you simultaneously pan, zoom or rotate 3D models, scenes or cameras in CAD applications, while selecting, inspecting or editing with the mouse. It’s studded with 11 customizable buttons (via the included software) so you can launch macros, functions and modifiers easily.

And, if the unit’s design seems to be taking cues from Logitech, that’s no coincidence, as 3D Connexion is in fact a Logitech company.

This “space age” peripheral doesn’t come cheap. At all. We’re talking $500 worth of not cheap.

[SpaceMouse Plus Product Page] VIA [Xataka]

2 thoughts on “SpaceMouse Plus Is For CAD Junkies With Deep Pockets”

  1. Well, I’m a 3d professional and this thing is completely useless. Basic viewport navigation is the very first thing you learn if you start to use 3d or CAD applications and it is no problem at all. I’ve seen this whole Spacemouse/-ball/-orb thing in various demonstrations, but none of the guys who presented the stuff was able to use it as precisely as I can do using only keyboard and mouse. Plus you’ve got to learn the whole navigation anew and in a different way for every software you use.

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