Space-saving Wall Hung Toilet Says ‘Screw You!’ To Ergonomics

Roca Element Wall Hung Toilet (Image courtesy WD Bathrooms)By Andrew Liszewski

Now don’t get me wrong here, I like the idea of these space-saving toilets that appear to just hang on your bathroom wall since the tank and other plumbing are hidden behind the drywall between the studs. But at what point did aesthetics outrank comfort?

I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to bathroom ergonomics, but the square design of this particular toilet doesn’t exactly scream comfort to me. And while I’m not advocating that one should spend hours on end sitting here, let’s face it, in most family households the bathroom is the only place you can get some real privacy.

This particular model is from a company called Roca and is available from WD Bathrooms for about $580. (£399.00) But if this is your first wall hung toilet, you’ll also need to budget for the renovations needed to your bathroom.

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