Space-Saving Tabletop Arcade Comes At A Premium

Space-Saving Tabletop Arcade Comes At A Premium

Pac-Man/Galaga Tabletop Game (Image courtesy Brookstone)By Andrew Liszewski

Pac-Man or Galaga fans with limited DIY skills and even less room might be interested in this tabletop arcade cabinet available from Brookstone. It consists of basically the top portion of an arcade cabinet, so while you’re not wasting floor space with a full size version, you will lose quite a bit of table space instead.

The arcade includes accurate reproductions of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga right down to the sound effects and button/joystick controls. The downside though is the $1,995 price tag for this setup. When you consider that MAME is free, and the kind of gaming PC you can buy for 2 grand these days, the money you’d spend for this trip down memory lane could probably be better spent elsewhere.

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