Space Saving Microwave In-A-Drawer

Dacor Microwave In-A-Drawer (Image courtesy Dacor)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a clever way to give you a bit more counter space in the kitchen without going through the hassle of a complete renovation. Appliance manufacturer Dacor has a special line of microwaves known as the Millennia series that are actually designed to function like a drawer beneath the counter. So instead of your microwave sitting on top of the counter wasting space it can almost disappear as part of the cabinetry.

And like any other drawer the microwave actually pulls out making it easier to reach the food than if it had a conventional microwave door on the front. The Millennia series also has all the functions one would expect on a modern microwave in addition to a special child safety ‘Control Lock’ feature since the oven is now down at their level.

A 30-inch model with a black glass finish runs about $1,000 but you’re probably going to want to budget in some additional expenses when it comes to the installation.

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