Space Invaders Wood Cube Cutting Board

Space Invaders Cutting Board (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not entirely sure why Space Invaders has become the poster-child for retro gaming, but I’m sure part of the credit has to go to the game’s simple pixel graphics which are easy to recreate on everything from ties, to ice cube trays, to even cutting boards now.

Hand-made in the USA from cubes of walnut and hard-maple, these Space Invaders themed cutting boards measure 15-inches by 10-inches and are the perfect tool for cutting down those hordes of invading green peppers. But because they’re hand-made, they’re only available in limited quantities. In fact it looks like ThinkGeek is currently sold out until the end of the week, but if and when they’re back in stock you’ll be able to order one for $129.99.

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