Space Invaders Chocolate Is Made With Love

By David Ponce

Sure to please any geek worth his salt, these Space Invaders chocolates have had a lot of effort put into their manufacture. There’s an entire section dedicated to this (which is in the links below, but impossible to link to directly, so just scroll down a little), but you should know that there’s 3D CAD, a CNC machine and thing called a “granite melangeur” involved. The Costa Rican beans are hand sorted and the finished product is packed in a limited edition, laser engraved gift box, along with a postcard, a sticker and a mini poster. All this hard work obviously translates into quite a bit for what you’ll essentially just melt in your mouth: $25.

There’s talk that the recipe and cad file will be released at some point so you can try your hand at tempering (read: not such an easy process) your own Space Invaders chocolates.

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