Sovia UMT-BS100, bluetooth headphones

sovia_2aWhile not exactly as small or practical as I would have wanted them, Korean company Sovia will be releasing sometime in April this cute looking set of bluetooth headphones. It’s about time a product like this hits the market too. Think about it. We got rid of the cables on our cellphones, but we still have them on our music players. What sense does that make?

It’s meant to be worn like jewellry, with the buds integrated into the necklace. You can stream music to it with any bluetooth enabled device you have: phone, PDA, PC, Bluetooth iPod (maybe? One day? Yes?… Here’s hoping.), what have you. If you playback stereo, the batteries will last 10 hours.

There’s a bunch of pictures inside.





The website is in Korean though. Still, check it out.

Via DAPreview.