SoundRacer – Make The Family Sedan Sound Like A Supercar

SoundRacer (Image courtesy SoundRacer AB)
By Andrew Liszewski

I have to be honest again here. When I first came across the SoundRacer I thought it was another ridiculous accessory for wannabe gearheads who can only ever dream of owning a V10 powered supercar. But after watching the video I’ve included below, I don’t see how anyone who’s ever revved the family sedan at a red light wouldn’t want one!

The SoundRacer plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and uses an FM transmitter to play real V8 or V10 engine sound effects through your vehicle’s stereo. And it’s not random effects either, according to the SoundRacer website the sounds actually correspond to the RPMs of your car’s engine.

SoundRacer has a developed a special technology to sense and calculate the car engine rpm and produce the sounds of a powerful Super Sports Car engine. The sound changes as you drive and SoundRacer even increases the speed of the engine sound so that you can drive at a normal speed and still get a very exciting engine sound.

If you’re skeptical as to how well it could work (as I was) please take a few minutes to watch the following clip, which totally sold me on the device.

And it’s just $39.99, for either a V8 or V10 model, from SafeWireless. Guess who just finished half of his Christmas shopping?

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11 thoughts on “SoundRacer – Make The Family Sedan Sound Like A Supercar”

  1. I wish they made all the people driving those pimped out honda civic hatchbacks with no muffler use one of these instead. Or maybe just a bumper sticker that says “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!”

  2. Wow! Now instead of listening to the irritating thump of hip hop music played at “11” I can enjoy this alternative. What's that? My ears are bleeding?

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