Soundmatters foxL v2 (Image courtesy Soundmatters)

soundmatters foxL v2 – Enter The JAMBOX Competitors

Soundmatters foxL v2 (Image courtesy Soundmatters)
By Andrew Liszewski

When we reviewed Jawbone’s JAMBOX a couple of weeks ago we were more than impressed by what the compact wireless speaker was capable of. In fact, we feel it’s created a welcomed new niche market, namely small portable speakers that don’t sound terrible. And since there’s nothing wrong with a little competition, we’d also like to extend a warm welcome to the foxL v2, even though the original version probably existed well before the JAMBOX was unveiled.

But those details aside, the foxL v2’s biggest selling feature seems to be that it was developed by a bona-fide rocket scientist, Dr. Godehard Guenther, a former NASA engineer with a passion for audio. Like the JAMBOX the foxL connects to your audio source over Bluetooth (though a non-wireless version is also available) and has been engineered to provide a good balance between loudness, audio fidelity and bass, given its compact dimensions. It’s also got a rechargeable battery good for about 5 hours, though it can be plugged in as well. And if the bass just isn’t doing it for you, the speaker even has an output for connecting it to a powered subwoofer. $199 for the Bluetooth version, $169 for the wired.

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