Soundbombs (Image courtesy New-Media-Accessories)By Andrew Liszewski

Soundbombs are designed to be a sort of non-visual graffiti for artists who have lost their inspiration with the spray can. The small spherical device has two speakers on the outside capable of recording and playing back any message or sound when triggered by a built-in motion detector.

Suggested uses for the Soundbomb include a welcoming greeting at the entrane of a store or a warning of poor service or bad food outside of a restaurant. Basically anywhere you want your message to be heard but are too lazy (or scared) to stand and deliver it yourself.

The best part of the Soundbombs is their availability. Since it is really an art project the designers have decided to make the devices very exclusive and can only be obtained after being approved by them. From their website:

“One can apply for the purchase of a Soundbomb ? only those who deserve a Soundbomb, get a Soundbomb! if one is elected, he/she obtains an unique “accoustic” email addresse”

I don’t know what criteria causes an applicant to be approved or rejected but if you’d like to apply there’s a link on their website to do so.

[Soundbombs] VIA [UberGizmo]