SoundArt – Pictures You Can Listen To

SoundArt (Image courtesy SoundArt UK Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

There are two schools of thought when it comes to electronics around the house. One is to have everything on display and to basically center the rest of your furniture around the high-tech stuff. The other is to have anything high-tech hidden away behind doors and out of sight. For those persons in the second group these SoundArt speakers are made to camouflage as a decoration rather than an eyesore.

Built to look like a hanging piece of art the speakers actually deliver sound using the canvas itself VIA something called ‘Distributed Mode Loudspeaker’ technology. Supposedly the sound produced by this technique “…provides a clear, natural acoustic listening experience.” On the art side of things the SoundArt canvas can be created with your own personal image or one selected from the company’s existing gallery. If that still doesn’t suit your decor a custom art piece can be commissioned by a local artist.

The SoundArt speakers are currently available from select retailers in the UK and understandably don’t come cheap at about ?2,000. (Roughly $3,700)

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