Sound Chaser Plays Music From Its Vinyl Track

By Luke Anderson

I’ve always been fascinated by the vinyl record. Since I was born in the 80’s, I grew up in the era of the cassette and CD, so those strange black discs were interesting. They somehow played music by having a needle run over them, how strange. Of course I’m older and understand the logic behind how they work, and yet somehow I still find them interesting. This Sound Chaser makes them even cooler.

Essentially what you see are several strips of a record that has been cut up and put back together to form a small track. The little yellow box on wheels contains a needle and speaker which allows it to play music as it follows the track. How cool is that? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any plan to release these commercially. It’s probably best, since we really don’t want people to go out and cut up all of their old vinyls.

[ Yuri Suzuki ] VIA [ Dvice ]