SORA, The Receptionist Robot

By David Ponce

Security cameras are so 1922. If you have a primal fear of human contact and would rather interact with the outside world through a dry, impersonal technological fence, then you might as well do it with a cute little robot. The SORA, from strangely named Japanese company “IN THE SKY”, is meant to be used as a receptionist. It

has a camera, microphone, speaker and a “sensor”, all hooked up to a touch sensitive screen (for information requests and confirmations), and also a business card scanner.

It can take a picture of you and send it directly to any person you want or it can even act as a videoconferecing tool that allows you to speak to your visitor even before seeing him/her.

There’s a video of the little bugger in action at Akihabara. I won’t hotlink to it. Instead, visit this page and click on the link.

VIA [Robot Gossip]

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