Sony’s Cyber-Shot DSC-N2 Reviewed

sony cybershot dsc n2

By David Ponce

The inevitable elbow-rubbing with throngs of overweight Holiday shoppers is only a few weeks away. Don’t be part of the hysteria, and start planning now. So, how’s a digital camera from Sony grab you? The folks at Imaging Resource have reviewed Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-N2, a 10.1 MP addition to their N-line, and seem pleased enough. The nice thing about this camera is its touch-screen interface, which allows for a clean body style (perfect for pockets) while enabling a much simpler user interface. The only reason we’re mentioning it, in fact, is due to this particular feature, though a couple of other things are worth noting. The ISO settings go up to 1600, which is nice when taking shots in low light settings, but unfortunately the camera produces very grainy shots in the higher range. The 3X optical zoom can be artificially compounded by up to 17X (depending on resolution) plus an additional 2X Precision Digital zoom. However, with no image stabilization, you better set the camera down on something stable for those long shots.

The MSRP is at $450, which doesn’t factor in the generally overpriced Sony Memory Sticks. Still, it is 10.1MP, and it is a funky touchscreen interface which is bound to attract a few compliments for a little bit. For a full review and sample pics, follow the link love.

[Imaging Resource Reviews Sony’s DSC-N2] VIA [TechEBlog]

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