Sony Wireless RF Speakers

Sony Wireless RF Speakers (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a simple set of compact speakers from Sony that can also function wirelessly allowing you to listen to your music anywhere within a 150 foot range of the base transmitter. The speakers are powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery (I have no idea how long the battery is rated for) while the base unit plugs in with an included adapter.

The speaker uses a 900MHz RF wireless system and has a manual tuning knob for optimal reception. I’m a bit surprised because given the speaker is made by Sony I would have expected them to cook up some completely new and proprietary wireless protocol that was incompatible with anything other than Sony products, but thankfully that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Sony Wireless RF Speakers are available directly from the Sony Style online store for $99.99.

[Sony Wireless RF Speakers] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]