Sony UP-D75 Dye Sub Printer

Sony UP-D75 (Image courtesy Sony)By Andrew Liszewski

As impressive as the results are from today’s generation of inkjet printers, they’re still not the best solution for making hard copies of that memorable photo. For one, inkjet prints have a nasty habit of fading over time, typically sooner rather than later.

For prints that will really stand the test of time the Sony UP-D75 Dye Sublimation printer is the way to go. To give prints that real photo-studio look and feel the UP-D75 laminates a clear finish onto the photo with a glossy, textured or matte finish. This also helps the longevity of the shot by protecting it from fingerprints and smudging. The UP-D75’s “refined printing sequence and longer life print head” can output a 300 dpi 8×10 page in a respectable 80 seconds.

At $2,995 you probably won’t be picking one of these up for mom and dad, but if photography is your thing then a dye sublimation printer is a great addition to your toolset. The Sony UP-D75 is currently available from your local (pro) camera shop and authorized Sony retailers.

[Sony UP-D75 Dye Sublimation Printer] VIA [Fosfor Gadgets]

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