Sony Self Powered Concept Electronics Powered By Yourself

By Evan Ackerman

Sony Odo

If Sony realizes it’s vision, pretty soon we’ll all be working up a sweat trying to get our gadgets to turn on. The “Odo” (?) concepts, which include a digital camera, a digital video camera, and a portable display, all derive their power from motion. Spin the “Spin n’ Snap” digital camera around your finger, for example, and it converts the motion into a charge to take a picture with. The “Push Power Play” display gets power from being rolled around. In a concession to the lazy, there’s also a “Juice Box” combined solar panel and battery, which can be plugged into any of the gadgets to power them. It’s an awesome group of concepts, but my only question is how many times am I going to have to spin that camera around to get enough power to take a picture?

VIA [ TreeHugger ]